Lily Asiatic Black Out

The wonderful class of flowers we know as Asiatic Lilies today, are really an All-American achievement. Unlike so many other flowers, most lilies we use in the cut flower trade today are result of developments made here in the USA.

Care and Handling:
Fresh lilies may be satisfactorily stored for up to three days in coolers with high humidity inside closed boxes but with plenty of room around them. All sleeves need to be loosened and each bunch given plenty of room. This is to provide adequate space for blooms to open without damage. The product should be monitored daily to assure that the anthers are not pollinating. If they are pollinating the lilies really need to be processed and cleaned. Lilies should be processed in the cooler and placed into cold water after cutting the stems and removing all lower foliage. The flowers should be hydrated in a low sugar holding solution.

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