Gerbera Carambole

Genus of flowers that originated in South Africa, and discovered by Dutch botanist Jan Gronovius in 1737. It is not clear why he assigned the name of Traugott Gerber to his new discovery, as Dr. Gerber was a modest employee in the service of the Russian court, although he was commissioned to run a garden for medical purposes which remains today as the oldest botanical garden in Moscow. Stems should be cut cleanly and crisply and placed immediately into water. The flowers should be hydrated in a low sugar holding solution and preferably processed in the cooler. Gerber Daisies that are shipped dry need a little more care in handling. Generally the stems will be dehydrated and will be limp at the neck. If they are cut and hydrated thus, the stems will “set” with the flowers bent over. Therefore attention and planning for Gerber processing is essential. If upwards facing flowers are desired they will have to be suspended into water from trays or chicken wire. Remember, whatever position the Gerber is in when placed in water is how it will remain after the stems become turgid.

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