Garden Rose Juliet

Roses are probably the most popular flower in the history of the English speaking peoples. It is the ancient heraldic symbol of England as well as being their national flower, and it is also the national flower of the USA. Evidence suggest that roses have been used by mankind for thousands of years, as quite apart from its intrinsic beauty, it was valued for its fruits for a source of vitamin C as well as for its restorative powers, also for its beautiful wood. Roses are a highly valuable ingredient in essential oils and perfumes.

Care and Handling:
Garden roses require the same treatment, more or less, as regular hybrid tea roses. However, they need to be handled more carefully until they are fully hydrated. Roses should be held at very low temperatures at all times, preferably 32-33° F and placed in water with a low sugar solution and a pH of around 4.5 -5.0. Roses should be hydrated with the cardboard sleeves on. This will ensure that the stems draw water and hydrate in a fully erect position. After 24 hours the rigid cardboard sleeve should be removed, or at least loosened as it will restrict proper hydration of the blooms. Roses greatly benefit from cutting underwater, and while this is an extra step, if I had to pick one flower to perform this process on it must be roses. This is because their peculiar stem structure is so delicate and disposed to embolisms (air bubbles in the xylem) which constrict or prevent the stems from absorbing water that this extra step is highly recommended.

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