French Tulip Maureen

As the name might imply, these tulips come from France. Actually, most of them were bred in Holland and belong to a class of tulips known as “Single Late”. This tulip and the other late tulips we know today, such as Kingsblood, Maureen, Menton and so forth are much stronger than regular tulips, as such travel well, and display an excellent vase-life. French Tulips are extremely phototropic, that is to say they react to light, produce energy and continue to grow in the presence of light. For instance tulips lying down in open boxes or on racks will start to curl upwards, looking for light, and this should be taken into consideration when handling and storing them. Fresh French Tulips may be satisfactorily stored for up to three days in coolers with high humidity, but they should remain inside their closed boxes and away from all lights. These long-stemmed tulips come in a protective sleeve which should be kept on. However, random samples should be opened and inspected.Stems should be cut and the flowers hydrated in a low sugar holding solution. Some leaves will separate from the stem after cutting and discard these. These flowers should preferably be processed in the cooler, and held at very low temperatures as they are cold weather crops.

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