Eucalyptus Seeded Gold

Important group of trees and shrubs that yield interesting foliages in a wide array of shapes and sizes. Originally from Australia where they are known as “Gum Trees”, they were imported by the railroad companies in the 19th century, and planted alongside the tracks. Eucalyptus is fast growing and in time the railroad companies would harvest the timber for railroad ties.Fresh eucalyptus foliage has a signature pungent aroma, and the leaves are somewhat sticky. Eucalypus leaves are generally silver, silvery-green and gray, as well as some types turning autumn shades of rusty brown and peach. Cut stems with a sharp blade, removing foliage that may fall in water, and place stems in a low sugar holding solution. While it is not scientifically proven, there is evidence to suggest that Eucalyptus emits a gas that is deleterious to Roses, so it is suggested that you keep well away from roses, if not in a different cooler.

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