Cattleya Orchid Hot Pink

The flower is named after Sir William Cattley a noted English botanist who received and successfully cultivated specimens of Cattleya labiata. In 1824, he received a shipment of orchids from Brazil wherein there were many rhizomes used as packing material. Sir William coaxed these to grow, introducing the West to these beautiful flowers. Closely examine the flowers for damage by thrips which will be visible as scarring of flower tissue, and also check for transparent petals and exaggerated veins. The flowers should be turgid and erect. Cattleya should be handled as little as possible and can generally be stored prior to sale in the packaging they were shipped in although water levels of tubes should be examined to make sure they are still full. Whether dry or wet, Cattleyas should be held in high humidity at around 50 F, away from drafts and breezes.

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