Anthurium Obake Red

When this exotic flower was first seen in Europe, it was called “Painter’s Palette” due the large spathe. Dynamic, fairly hardy blooms are available in a large range of colors. Particularly fashionable right now are green varieties such as Midori and Green and White Obaki types. The stems should be cut and placed in water. These flowers should never be put in coolers, but kept in a space with an ambient temperature of 55-65 degrees F., humidity of 80% or better and free from drafts. If they are kept in area with low humidity then they should be misted regularly. Alternatively a tent made from plastic can be set up to better conserve the anthuriums’ viability. When processing the flowers inspect the spathes for creases, bruises and cracks, as well as checking the spadix for discoloration and dehydration. This is very important as any imperfections in anthuriums will rapidly be exacerbated in low humidity.

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