Alstroemeria Montana

Alstroemeria flowers as we know them today are relatively new, with most of the hybridization being done in the last fifty years. This dynamic flower comes in some spectacular colors. Originally named after Clas Alstromer, a pupil of Linnaeus who sent several roots of the newly discovered A. pelegrina to his tutor in the 18th century. Current hybrids are results of crosses between several Chilean and Peruvian species.

Care and Handling:
Inspect alstroemeria flowers upon arrival, taking particular care to inspect the trumpet-shaped blooms. Make sure that all are alive, and are not faded or transparent. Colors should be bright and vibrant, generally featuring a contrasting color as well as dark flecks. Check also that the stems are neither slimy yellowing nor cracked. Look carefully for collapse of the vascular system a few inches below the laterals. Stems should be cut and the flowers hydrated in a low sugar holding solution.

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