Acacia Blue

Attractive yellow to lemon yellow spring blossoms. They come in a range of shapes from small balls to short, small brush-like panicles. The variety known as “Mimosa” is Acacia dealbata, and came to be known as Mimosa due to the similarity of its leaves to Mimosa pudica aka “The Sensitive Plant”. In Australia and New Zealand Acacias are known as “Wattles” as the branches were employed as lathe in the construction of early dwellings.

Care and Handling:
Gently shake the bunch before processing to ensure that air can circulate through the stems and leaves. Observe for any sign of flowers dropping or shattering. Inspect the flowers, which are small yellow balls, for brown spots. Foliage should be crisp, fine and feathery and a bright gray-green color. Acacia that arrives in bags may be held in the cooler in the bags, but it is prudent to check the blooms before putting them in the cooler. Excessive moisture can lead to potential problems. Prior to cutting it is important to select a container that will not cover too much of the foliage below the rim, as the lack of air circulation can lead to rapid decay. Also remove all leaves that might fall in the water. Stems should be cut and the flowers hydrated in a low sugar holding solution. Store in cooler at high humidity.

Yarrow, Cottage Yarrow

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