Popular Peony Varieties

Peony season is here!  And our own Heather Cook has put together a couple of peony articles that I wanted to share with you!  This first article is about the most popular peony varieties that are available wholesale as a fresh cut flower. 

From Heather:  Please find below pictures of some of the most common peony varieties we will be seeing over the next 2 months. I have listed the most common varieties with pictures to help you identify them. Many varieties of peonies will fade and change color as they mature, a very good example is Monsieur Jules Elie. In bud form it is a perfect hot pink, but Mayesh considers this variety “mauve” because it fades pretty dramatically. Gardenia is a white peony that in bud form is quite clearly blush pink, but as it matures it becomes more white. Not all varieties are available at all times, as some are “early bloomers” and some are “late bloomers”. I’ve also listed the date of when the variety was introduced next to variety name where applicable.

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