Pat Goes to Italy; Part 1, Seborga & Sanremo

Mayesh Wholesale Florist’s CEO, Pat Dahlson, is always on the move. He serves on several industry boards, visits growers, and attends industry events taking him to different corners of the world.

In April 2011, Pat visited Italy.  Specifically he went to the Italian village of Seborga, Sanremo, and Genova.  Part 1 of 2 will showcase Pat’s journey through Seborga and Sanremo.  Part 2, which I’ll post next week, we will share Pat’s trip to Genova, which hosted the  Euroflora 2011 show.


Seborga, Italy
Pat came across 8 foot tall Ginestra here!  Seborga is a very small village near the border of France and is known as an agricultural region, with it’s main focus on olives and floriculture crops.  A perfect place for a floral enthusiast to visit!


Sanremo, Italy
Sanremo is known as the “City of Flowers”.  Here you will find the Sanremo Flower Market, the most prominent center of the floral industry of South Europe and the Mediterranean.  Here Pat met some incredible people who are involved with growing Ranunculus, Lily of the Valley, and Vibernum.

Check out this incredible test variety of a purple Dahlia!  Isn’t it awesome!Sanremo_new_DaliaLilla_dahlia

Check out the Sanremo flower auction in action:
SanremoAuction_auctionAction  SanremoAuction_buyers

Pat visited a Ranunculus grower:


RanunculusSanremo3CoolVariety RanunculusSanremo4

Check out the 5 foot tall Snapdragons and the people that Pat hung out with during his trip:
sanremo_5ftSnaps  LilyofValleyGrower_SanremoPatwithMktDirectorItalianExportFirm  SanRemo-1

And last, but not least, Pat showing off the beautiful Italian blue Vibernum!


Stay tuned till next week, to see that last leg of Pat’s travels to Genova, Italy and Euroflora 2011.

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