Overwhelmed by Instagram? We’re Here to Help


Ahh, Instagram. It’s the fun app to share silly photos with friends turned Social Media Marketing powerhouse. Instagram has now become arguably the most important app for creatives to showcase their work and help drive business in today’s online driven world. For a bride, it’s not only a quick way to see a photographer or floral designer’s portfolio, but it may be your first and only chance to woo her with your perfectly curated Instagram feed, a glance into what her perfectly curated wedding day could look like.

Though Instagram and other social media apps come second nature to some, for others, it can be totally overwhelming and a huge cause of stress. But guess what? It doesn’t have to be.



Kelly Perry, founder of both Team Flower & Philosophy Flowers, has a unique perspective on Instagram and how to go about using it to your benefit. In a few short weeks we’ll be sitting down with her for a Live Chat, and before we do, we want to hear from you!


So tell us, what are your biggest struggles with Instagram? 


Kelly is also great at the visual aspect, so if you struggle with your feed, feel free to take a screen shot, send it to us, and you just might see your feed pop up during the chat, during which Kelly will openly discuss and give constructive criticism on ways to improve it.

You can use the comment box below, or send any screenshots, questions or concerns you’d love to hear during our chat to marketing@mayesh.com.



Wednesday April 12th @ 4PM EST



7 comments on “Overwhelmed by Instagram? We’re Here to Help
  1. Mary Mannes says:

    Just making it work … for me facebook is easier, tho I use them booth…. How can you make it easier??

  2. Toni Buckley says:

    I don’t know how to keep it personable and business most followers I have are friends and former brides. We keep up with them , but how do I reach potential brides?

  3. Tracy Park says:

    I’am sick of seeing all the unrealistic photos of desingers in their perfect world. If you’re a true designer show the real work we do, the mess we make and real life stuff. people think it’s a fun job because of all the pretty flower photos we show. Teach the public we have a messy job, it’s hard work and what really goes on behind the forefront.

  4. This is going to be awesome! Thanks so much for offering this. We all have to work together and learn from each other <3

  5. Lori Mark says:

    Is it better to keep your florist business page curated with floral work or bring in photos and stories from you personal life?

  6. Like Lori above I’m wondering whether I should move away from personal posts on my feed which have included pics of my dogs, me out walking and anything that is related to my floristry business, but might not be flowers! I’ve just updated the look of my website (still a few more tweaks to make), to a much cleaner, simpler, ‘on trend’ look, which now is completely out of kilter with my facebook and Instagram account. So should I ditch the more personal, fun posts and only post beautiful bridal photographs? I’d love to hear your thoughts. My website is: http://www.theenglishflorist.co.uk and my Instagram site is: https://www.instagram.com/the_english_florist

  7. Is there an advantage to switching to a Business Instagram account? Is there a way to copy and paste all my hashtags when posting from my Iphone or better yet, can I post from my desktop? Finally, I struggle with being able to find links in profiles – many times a post will say to sign up for something and when I click on it it doesn’t take me anywhere and I don’t see anything obvious in the profile??
    Thanks!! I get a lot more like on my Instagram account than my Facebook page. My site is http://www.instagram.com/fancyfloralsbynancy

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