Nice Rack Auction – Cleveland Only

NiceRackGood Morning!  If you are a customer of our Cleveland branch, then we are inviting you to participate in our first ever “Nice Rack” auction!

When:  TODAY – Thursday, April 5th

Time:    10AM – 12 Noon

Here’s how it works:  Cleveland customers only!  Bid on the rack pictured in the comments below by listing your Shop’s Name and bid amount.  The highest bid at 12 noon wins.  The branch will contact the winner to coordinate delivery/pick-up of product.   

Starting Bid: $75 

Incremental Bidding:  $5


Here’s what included with the rack that is up for auction:

Novelty Tulips
Volkenfrieden Delphinium
Moon Carnation
Garden Rose Spray
Pin Cushion Protea
Purple Hydrangeas
Purple Artichokes
Kangaroo Paw
Pink Hydrangeas
Green Dianthus

Good Luck!

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