New Peach Rose – Wedding Spirit

New Peach Rose - Wedding Spirit


Guest Blogger: David Dahlson

Anyone who has been in the cut-flower industry for ten years or more will remember the unique peach color of the Osiana rose. Its disappearance left a void in the florists palette as it was a unique peach that went well with many a peach taffeta or silk fabric. Clear, pure and homogenous it was very popular, but, perhaps due to its inherent banality it slowly faded until today there are no growers of repute with this variety in the ground.

But recently Rosen Tantau, a key rose breeder from Sparrieshoop, Germany introduced a variety called “Wedding Rose®” which upon unfurling its plethora of petals displays that rich deep peach color that was so appealing in Osiana. But whereas the latter was a high-centered hybrid tea-rose, this glorious cultivar is an over-sized complex bloom with at least 60 petals. They are displaced in the form of an old damask-bourbon cross, fully double and while often fully quartered, many blooms have a somewhat informal and billowy structure. When tight, in the form as it arrives to the client, it has creamy exterior petals, the actual guard petals being significantly green, but not to worry as the exuberant color is quick to show as it opens. I highly recommend that the guard petals be removed when the flowers are processed.

We expect this to be a great rose for the 2015 season, but for this year expect only occasional flushes as growers harvest sporadically while they structure their plants.


Mayesh is offering this garden rose as “Wedding Spirit” because many growers have dubbed the rose this way, probably as a nod to Free Spirit, a rose also developed by Tantau.

Will this be one of your new favorite peach roses?

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  1. Lynne says:

    Hi is this rose also called garden spirit?

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