Meet Our Mayesh Design Star, Mandy Majerik, AIFD, PFCI

She captured my heart as soon as I started to watch her Mayesh Design Star contest video intro and she did it again upon meeting many of my team members when she arrived in Los Angeles last week to begin filming our 2012 video series.  She is THE Mandy Majerik, Mayesh’s 2012 Design Star!  Before debuting our new and exciting video series next week, we wanted to take a moment to formally introduce Mandy to the rest of the world.  Please read on and be sure to stay tuned next week!!

Connect with Mandy Majerik, AIFD, PFCI:!/MANDYSHOTHOUSE

MANDYHEADSHOTWhen did you realize this was the career for you?

I began this floral journey at a very early age – growing up with a Grandmother who owned a florist. In my elementary school days, there were many occasions she would find me taking naps in flower boxes. Flowers have always been in my life and upon receiving my degree in interior design, I decided to take over the family floral business with a fresh approach to wedding and event design. After the first few years, I began to really see just how broad the floral industry was – I knew there was a great future for me in this beautiful world full of flowers. I knew then, I would have to take risks and dream big – and well, here I am – the MAYESH DESIGN STAR.


Photo credit: Daniel Taylor Photography

How did you start your business?

I was very blessed to have inherited a very solid customer base from my mother’s everyday floral business. All the while serving these customers, I began to focus on emerging into the world of weddings and letting my name and my studio become known as the cutting edge, new-age attraction for brides and corporate clients. I wanted to offer my Birmingham clients a style that hadn’t been seen and of course, being different – makes people notice and start talking. All in all, I listened a lot when I started. I listened to business owners, I listened to designers, I listened to magazine editors – I listened to see what they had learned and their forecasts for the future – I wanted to make sure I would be a part of it.

roses amaranthus lisianthus
Photo credit: Arden Photography

How would you describe your design style?

Stylish. Southern. Sophisticated. My challenge is to always incorporate the unexpected – whether it be a unique awesome blossom or a simple natural element or a button or tiny tidbit of inspiration – I always give my client something to talk about.

What or who inspires you?

This is always the magic question. Inspiration is everywhere – you just have to take time to see it. Whether it is the unique line of a crack in the sidewalk or a Chinese fortune cookie from dinner – I find in the most unusual places. As far as people go, so many designers to name. I learn something from international designers as well as the designer that looks back at me from across the work table. Everyone/Everything has inspiration to give.

colorful bouquet boutonniere
Photo credit: Lucky Photography Photo credit: Arden Photography

I loved your red tool box. What floral tool can you not live without?

Well, a girl can keep a lot of tools in a red tool box! There are the necessities of floral life, including clippers, scissors, knives – but one of the most recent additions to my traveling toolbox would be UGlu Dashes. Those little squares could do everything from hold my cell phone onto my dash board to keeping Donald Trump in tact. The reason I love them – they are quick and easy. So.many.uses.

If had to pick just one (I know it is nearly impossible) what would be your favorite flower and why?

Always the ultimate question for a flower lover…. I would have to say as a designer, I have a love affair with calla lilies. I love their sleek, slender shape and the way they lend themselves to being manipulated. They can have beautiful curves and come in amazing colors. Now, ask me this question next week, and see what I have to say.

bridal bouquet
Photo credit: Daniel Taylor Photography

Tell us a short floral story. Have you ever had a strange floral request? Created something wonderful out of a sticky situation? Have you ever felt like MacGyver and used your mad floral skills in a non-floral situation?

When you have done as many weddings/events as I have, there are many stories to choose from! I would have to say, I once arrived to decorate a pergola (that was already supposed to be constructed) with flowers and when I came to the site – no pergola. I quickly had to rely on my available, within a one block radius-in the middle of a wine vineyard, resources to find something to use as a wedding backdrop. I found an old wooden picnic table and stood it up on its side to provide a unique backdrop for the couple’s vows. I adorned it with a moss letter and branches curved over the sides to create some interesting movement and a little camouflage! It was perfect for the wine vineyard and well, you can just call me MacGyver Majerik.

What is your favorite color combination right now?

I tend to love to use shades, tints and tones of the same color family. I am very attracted to the Juliet garden rose – peach – mixed with the soft, sensual texture of lamb’s ear, that soft silvery, green.

brial party flowers
Photo credit: Lucky Photography


What is your best piece of advice for new comers into the floral industry?

Listen.Listen.Listen. The best way to learn is to listen to those who have come before you and learn from their journeys, their mistakes, their miracles…then make sure you make your adventure just as interesting. Take chances, compete in contests, let your voice be heard and your talent be seen. You never know who might be looking your way.

fresh cymbidiums Flower bridal bouquet bag
Photo credit: Daniel Taylor Photography Photo credit: Daniel Taylor Photography

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