Meet One of Our Mayesh Design Star Finalists – Steven Santos

This week, I would like to introduce Steven Santos of J. Michaels Florist.  You will remember Steven from our Mayesh Design Contest contest because he did the video entry of himself creating a floral bustier – very fun and extremely eye-catching!     

Here’s how to connect with Steven and J. Michaels Florist:!/jmichaelsflwrs

Phalaenopsis Design
When did you realize this was the career for you?
When I was 15 i got a job at a sandwich shop that had a gift shop and florist attached.  I saw the designer create amazing things and it struck a nerve in me. Ever since then, I have been working in the floral industry.


How did you start your business? 
Right now I am the creative director for J. Michaels Florist. I was brought on Nov. ’10. I started as just a regular designer, but as I grew their business through social media, and other social networking, I have stepped up, and have been promoted to Creative Director.

How would you describe your design style? 
I am a very fast designer, I do not like to take too much time, or over think a project. when I design I like to look at my materials and who the order is for, and my idea just  “spark” in to my mind. I really enjoy Linear designs right now and my favorite items to use are Fun fall foliage textures.

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