Meet One of Our Mayesh Design Star Finalists – Shawn Adams

Meet Shawn Adams, owner and designer of Ambiance Designs and one of five awesome Mayesh Design Star finalists.  Here’s how to connect with Shawn; be sure to check out all the great pictures on his blog:!/AmbianceShawn

Mayesh Design Star Finalist, Shawn AdamsWhen did you realize this was the career for you?

During high school I planned on majoring in landscape architecture. I won many competitions and even was awarded a full scholarship to pursue my degree in the field. It wasn’t until after I became a delivery driver for a flower shop did I realize how inspiring flowers were to me. All the beauty in variety and color selections were uplifting. I volunteered to help with window and store displays and the owner really noticed my interest and how creative I was. Everyone praised me on how well my designs were and at that very point I realized this may be my niche.

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