MDS Workshop 2019


Join our 2019 Mayesh Design Star, Shean Strong, for an inspiring floral design course. Below are highlights of our Design with Shean Stong Workshop. Click RSVP for more details and to secure your seat. The overall concept for our 2019 design workshop tour is to reinvigorate and re-inspire you while offering two different courses - All Levels and a Master Class. The All Levels class is going to shape the way you see yourself as a designer and with that empowering you to stretch yourself creatively. The Masterclass is going to give established designers an opportunity to elevate their designs and learn some new techniques. Both classes will allow all students to use the professional photos of their work to showcase what they can do with the proper investment, tools, and flowers. Shean encourages you to bring your questions, frustrations, and rants. We want to strengthen this community of designers and give you a chance to have your passions reignited.

Because of Shean's transparency and willingness to answer your questions, it's no wonder his design workshops sell out. Follow along and join us in 2019 as Shean + Mayesh host some incredible and instructional floral design courses.


Students will begin by walking through Shean's board and the flowers he's chosen leading into a more in-depth conversation about shape, color theory, design, and mood all while designing the demo arrangement.


Everyone runs their floral business differently. Learn about Shean's pricing and business structure to see what has been successful for him.


Shean will briefly discuss how he handles client interactions, emails, his process, etc. leaving the floor open for questions. Questions will also be encouraged throughout the course.


Shean will walk through the design concepts of large-scale installations. The installation will depend on the venue and class level.


Nicole Clarey will be on hand to capture professional fine art pictures of you and your work perfect to post on social media, your blog and to add to your portfolio!


Part of our workshop experience is networking and you will have plenty of time to do so for Monday evening happy hour and throughout the rest of your time with us.

"Mayesh Design Star Workshops provide an amazing amount of return for the investment. Meeting their yearly design star as well as other amazing designers/owners/entrepreneurs is inspiring and a breath of fresh air in our very busy and demanding profession."


Here are our 2019 Mayesh Design Star Workshop Tour dates - we hope to see you at one of our four available dates!

JAN 14 & 15


MAY 20 & 21


AUG 12 & 13


NOV 11 & 12




Shean Strong is a floral and event designer who grew up all over the world but currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia. Shean began designing with flowers as a creative outlet while in college and it didn’t take him long to fall in love with this artistry.

"I describe my aesthetic as tailored, and refined. As a true romantic, I understand the importance of understated elegance- working with unconventionally elevated palettes to create a feeling in lieu of a theme- At the end of the day, my job is to make sure you have the most beautiful wedding and have a great time celebrating you and your spouse."

Shean has curated relationships with many vendors and designers alike. He excels in speaking candidly about the business of flowers, design techniques and how to have a profitable business.

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Lacie Himes






We can tell you all day about why you should come to our workshop, but we think it is better when the words are coming from our past students!

caret-down caret-up caret-left caret-right
The workshop with Christy was a wonderful experience from working with the gorgeous luxe blooms to sharing our flower stories, learning new design techniques, delicious food, photo tips, & having our arrangements professionally photographed under the most awesome hanging installation & staging set-up.

Nancy Zimmerman
The Mayesh Design Star Flower Workshop presented an opportunity to work with some of the best contemporary floral products while being taught new design techniques. It was a great professional career development workshop.

Sharla Kauffman
This workshop was well worth the money and travel I spent. Christy is incredibly talented and the Mayesh team, along with everyone involved, were wonderful and so informative. The day was more than well spent. I would highly recommend this workshop to beginners and seasoned florists alike.

Lori DeNicola
The Mayesh workshop felt like a creative retreat! From the instruction, to the catered food, the venue, and the quality of floral product available to design with seriously out-did ALL of the workshops I have ever been to. I would recommend a Mayesh workshop to anyone wanting to grow in the floral industry. I was hesitant at first to register because of some workshops I have been to in the past from other florists didn't really have the best value or ROI. After attending the Mayesh workshop, I seriously questioned how they didn't charge MORE!! Everything about it was so encouraging. I left thinking, "Wow, I really CAN create a brand that people will enjoy and book!"

When I saw this workshop series offered I was immediately intrigued, having seen Kaylee's work previously. It was definitely worth the time and investment! The combination of instruction and hands-on learning was perfect, and I appreciated the individual time I was able to spend chatting with Kaylee and those from the Mayesh team. Everyone was very personable and open to helping and answering questions as needed, which I really appreciated. This was an inspiring workshop and I left feeling rejuvenated and excited about the next wedding season. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone thinking about going!

Katie Hover
I went into this with no real expectations other than learning how to assemble a flower bouquet and a flower arch. Everything far exceeded anything I could have hoped for. The venue was absolutely beautiful. The staff was personable and incredibly helpful. The presenters were engaging and knowledgeable. I loved getting to network with other local professionals and get feedback and ideas from them. The professional photography and headshots to add to my portfolio were the cherry on top. I learned so much about how to grow my business and I left feeling empowered, inspired, and so motivated to hit the ground running towards my goals. Worth every penny. Thank you so much!

Stephanie Bruno


Thank you to all of our very special sponsors who have agreed to partner with us for our workshop tour!




Here is information and pictures from our past workshop tours: 2018 and link to 2017.