Mayesh Design Star: Styling A Cake


Utilizing small and delicate flowers, Kaylee Young demonstrates how she likes to style a cake featuring double tulips, sage, and a beautiful cake from Brandy’s All City Sweets. Kaylee’s goal is to enhance the beauty of the cake, not overwhelm it, by incorporating an asymmetrical and airy style.

Host: Kaylee Young, Flourish by Kay
Flower Sponsor: Tuning
Cake: Brandy’s All City Sweets
Videographer: Logan Martin, Talewind Visuals
Photographer: Maria Lamb Photography


After watching the video, keep scrolling for all of the gorgeous pictures – perfect for pinning!

Note: If you are concerned about the flower stems in the frosting, you can use edible flowers, flowers that aren’t sprayed with chemicals, use water tubes, or you can wrap the stems with Floratape Stem Wrap and then cut straws to insert the stems as well.



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2 comments on “Mayesh Design Star: Styling A Cake
  1. Melissa says:

    WOW, SO GORGEOUS!!! I love it!

  2. How do you prepare the stems to go into the cake. The flowers I get as are as I know are not food grade, so putting them directly into the cake can contaminate it. I use small plastic mounting pieces, so none of the stem actually touch the cake.

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