Mayesh Design Star: Making & Pinning a Boutonniere

Making & Pinning a Boutonniere

In this month’s Mayesh Design Star video, Kaylee Young teaches you how she creates small boutonnieres and how she likes to pin them on. Her goal is to create a fresh, fun and lightweight floral design perfect for your male clients using an assortment of small textural products.

For more details & pictures:

Featured flowers: spray rose, hellebore, sweet pea, and grasses.

Supplies: Clippers or knife, Oasis Floratape Stem Wrap, and a pin.

Host: Kaylee Young, Flourish by Kay
Videographer: Logan Martin, Talewind Visuals
Photographer: Chantel Marie
Model: Landon Young



4 comments on “Mayesh Design Star: Making & Pinning a Boutonniere
  1. Lovely boutonniere, but I would like to offer some constructive help on efficiency–especially when a busy designer is making LOTS of boutonnieres. Too many times of picking up and laying down the HUGE cutting tool. Also the stem wrap is designed to be stretched and wrapped while holding it in one hand–too much time and effort wasted in pulling a length out and cutting it. Mechanics and efficiency are just as important as a beautiful design–and proper mechanics will ensure that boutonniere will not move on the lapel as it did in this video.

    • Pushing the pin through from right to left , straight through the whole lot of the stems, will keep it in place tightly…top to bottom is pretty hopeless … as she showed 😉 . Good to see it being pinned from the backside of the lapel though, that’s how I always do them 🙂

    • Dana Hodgson says:

      I agree totally.

  2. shellie says:

    Sure Pins are better and easier

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