Mayesh’s FloraFile Frequently Asked Questions

Mayesh_FloraFile Our FloraFile app has been such a great success among our flower designers and the feedback that I’m hearing is all positive!  If you haven’t tried it out yet, here’s some specific examples of what other florists, like you, have to say:

Mayesh, Thanks for this great tool, it going to be VERY helpful in helping brides.

It’s a great program. I can’t wait to use it!

Hey – this tool looks way cool!  You have NO IDEA how much this is going to help when pulling a proposal together for a client.  Right now I have to copy and paste each time from your site.  I didn’t get to see the whole video yet but KUDOS to whomever came up with this idea.  BRILLIANT and a GREAT way to help us designers. woohoo!

There have been a few questions regarding FloraFile and I wanted to cover them here for all to read.  If you have ANY other questions, do not hesitate to leave a comment and I will get back to you pronto!

  1. Why do I have to login with Facebook? 

    We wanted to use a login credential system that was already built and would be as close to maintenance free as possible.  Facebook seemed like the most likely choice given its popularity.  We may look at including other login types (e.g. Google, Yahoo, Twitter, etc) down the road. 

  2. What happens when I give FloraFile permission to interact with my Facebook account? 

    We ask for our FloraFile app to be granted basic permissions and once granted you are able to create and share your FloraFiles.  

  3. If I log into FloraFile, will my customer’s be able to see any of my personal information? 

    No, your customer’s (or anyone else) will not be able to see your personal Facebook information unless you have done so on your own – you control who sees what.  FloraFile is just using Facebook to log you in. 

  4. If I log into FloraFile, can I share FloraFiles using a different email address? 

    Yes, you can share a FloraFile using any personal or business email you would like.  Just because you are asked to login with Facebook using which ever email address you have chosen, does not require you to share your FloraFiles using that same email address.

Well, that covers the major questions that I’ve been seeing.  Again, if you have any others please let me know.

And now, I hope you take a minute to check out FloraFile if you haven’t done so already!  Click the link below to get started!

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