Mayesh’s Destination Events Goes to Crete, Greece

destination events 
I don’t know if you already know, but we offer a great service called “Destination Events”.  Here’s the basics, you, the florist or event designer, booked an event anywhere in the world but are worried because you are not sure where you are going to source your fresh wholesale flowers from.  Have no worries though. You can still buy your wholesale flowers from Mayesh no matter where your event is!  Just give us a decent lead time and we will ensure the process is as seamless as possible.  Often times, Destination Events is used for designers who travel to a different city within the states, but occasionally we have requests for events out of the country. 

Back in July, our services were requested for a wedding in Crete, Greece!  Our purchasing team worked their magic, flexed their muscles, and the result was the best we could hope for, a happy customer! 

Anywhere in the world, you can trust Mayesh Wholesale Florist to deliver!

Learn more about Mayesh Destination Events:

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