#MayeshGram Week 6 Winners

#Mayeshgram Contest


Honestly, I feel like choosing the pictures each week becomes harder and harder!  You all are posting some great stuff and it is so inspiring to see each week.  Thank you for posting over 1,240 pictures so far!  It is quite a collection incorporating a vast array of floral design, and if you haven’t see all of the gorgeous #Mayeshgram’s, click here.  The winning pictures for week 6 are by @albertng7878, @jordanterese, and @jl_designs.

Winners, please use our Contact Us page to send in your shirt size (men’s or women’s), your address, and your Mayesh rep/branch.  THANKS!!


@albertng7878 of Los Angeles, CA

#Mayeshgram Winner

@jordanterese of Atlanta, GA

#Mayeshgram Winner

@jl_designs of SoCal

#Mayeshgram Winner


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