Mayesh Destination Events: Grand Rapids to Orange County

If you happen to be traveling away from your design space and you are going to an area where Mayesh has a location – California, Arizona, Nevada, Michigan, Ohio, North Carolina, or Florida – you don’t need to worry.  With our Mayesh Destination Events program, you can use our coolers, space, etc. to design the flowers for your event.  For more detailed and involved events – we can even provide vehicles, people, and more.

Recently, we hosted Jennifer Ederer of Modern Day Floral & Events from Grand Rapids, Michigan at our Orange County, California wholesale flower branch.

“Jennifer has a client doing more and more business in California. It’s nice to offer a place to work .. no stress, no worries. Jennifer will always have a home away from home here at Mayesh Orange County.” – Jill Dahlson


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