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We have today to get through before we learn who the Mayesh Design Star Contest winner is and I thought it would be fun to share the letter that my manager, Cindie Boer wrote to our semi-finalists.  Cindie was responsible for conducting the interviews for our 10 semi-finalists.  After her interview she was so impressed by everyone and their commitment to our industry.  While everyone had something unique to say, we found many common themes.  Among the themes, Cindie found that the majority of the group considers themselves floral artists.  I personally love that!  Read below for more:

I would like to extend my gratitude to everyone who participated in our contest. With an unexpected 38 entries we had the difficult choice to pick 10 contestants that would go on to our interview process. Since we are looking for a designer to represent our company and the fact that we were allowing this to go up for popular vote, we needed to safeguard that no matter who was chosen the winner would be the right Mayesh fit. In order for us to do this we had our 10 semi-finalists go through an interview process. I enjoyed getting to know the semi-finalists and a special thanks to them for taking the time to visit with me and share their passion for flowers.

I was surprised at how similar many of the questions were answered, so I would like to share with you the questions and general answers.

1) Background History – Everyone’s was, of course, unique but what I found interesting is that many sacrifice making more money for their passion for their craft. I also learned that most do not consider themselves Floral Designers rather Floral Artists.

2) What is it about the floral industry that draws you in? Across the board passion, creativity, design, human connections and the ability to create art daily.

3) Flowers are expensive, how difficult is it to maintain profitability? I found out that unlike their predecessors where flowers were sold more in the masses, this new generation of Floral Artists know that they can charge for their artistic abilities. They sell higher end novelty product, designed by a Floral Artist, giving the customer something unique and special. The customer understands that included in the cost is a unique design created especially for them by a Floral Artist, superior customer service, and high quality flowers.

4) What do you value most in your wholesaler? It is unanimous, service, service, service. This generation of Floral Artists wants their wholesaler to know and understand them. Our Floral Professionals need to be almost as creative as the Floral Artist. It is their responsibility to be knowledgeable to problem solve. I sensed that the current floral situation (less flowers available due to the economic climate) has created shortages next to demand. They are accepting of that yet they want their Floral Professional to be prepared with substitutions based on the criteria of knowing the customers taste, artistic style, color pallet etc. It is no longer acceptable to say “This wasn’t available”. No surprises, communication is an absolute must.

5) How important do you feel the role of social media plays in the business world today? Everyone’s reply “An absolute must”. Admittedly everyone is still figuring it all out and how to work it into their daily routine. The problem is creating a culture that this is a part of their daily business routine.

6) What was your reason for entering the contest – the prize or exposure? Hands down Exposure. Although a trip to Holland is nice and educational, you cannot beat the exposure. Many thanked me for the exposure that they had already experienced. I felt humbled when they referenced the exposure of being affiliated with a top notch company such as Mayesh as a reference of success.

I thank not only the contestants but all who viewed the videos and helped make it successful. Now let’s see who wins, Good Luck to the finalist!

Cindie Boer COO Mayesh Wholesale Florist, Inc.

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