Mayesh Customer Testimonial: Jessica Ormond Events

wholesale flowers for Jessica Ormond Eventswhite flower design by Jessica Ormond Events - anemones, hellebores, snowberry

Hi Sarah,

I’m sorry I let so much time go by before sending  you these pictures. Here are a couple snapshots of the centerpieces I made with that wonderful pull from April. Several of the conference attendees couldn’t believe that all of the flowers were real, they thought for sure some of the varieties must be fake.

This was my first order with Mayesh. I have to say that I have never received such a well packed box! All the stems were straight, and cool to the touch. The ice packs were still half frozen. I instantly contacted an event designer friend, asked if she ever used Mayesh (she has not), sent her pictures, and strongly encouraged her to contact you. I am so impressed with your quality of product and service!




Composing beauty, cultivating joy

3634 56th Street, Lubbock, TX 79413

806.474.2466 |

white flower design by Jessica Ormond Events - anemones, hellebores, white scabiosa, snowberry

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