Kim Kardashian’s Wedding Flowers & Mayesh

What’s the connection between Kim Kardashian’s wedding and Mayesh Wholesale Florist?  Read on to find out!

Are you into celebrity weddings?  Do you want to know which florist was responsible for designing Kim Kardashian’s wedding flowers?  Mark’s Garden of Sherman Oaks, California is the company behind the designs.  Mark’s Garden is the florist that has been responsible for the beautiful floral designs seen at the Academy Awards Governors Ball for last 18 years, the Emmy’s, the Golden Globes, and many celebrity weddings.

It has been reported that there were 50,000 flowers – that included white roses, white hydrangea, and white phalaenopsis orchids – at the Kardashian/Humphries wedding.  Are you wondering who supplied the majority of those wholesale flowers to Mark’s Garden?  Mayesh, of course!  We feel so lucky to supply wholesale flowers to so many events across the country – from small intimate home parties, to benefits, to weddings, destination events and including Mark’s Garden’s latest celebrity wedding.

I’d love to share photos from Kim’s wedding, but as I’m sure you’ve guessed, heard, or read there are copyright procedures.  I do know that People magazine’s latest issue (see cover below) has the scoop and some decent pictures but I’m sure that the best images/footage will be saved for the E! special that will be airing in October.     

Kardashian wholesale flower source

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