Introducing FloraFile, a Great Tool for Florists

We are super excited to finally unveil FloraFile!  Please watch the overview & demo, it’s only about 3 minutes long.  Then check out our super cool tool, FloraFile

You may be wondering what the heck is FloraFile?  Here is how we define FloraFile on the website: 

“FloraFile is your custom collection of flowers within our Flower Library. Use FloraFile to store and organize images that you are interested in – like a folder or portfolio or album. You can create any number FloraFiles based on your projects, events, weddings, etc. FloraFile will also allow you to email a link to whomever you’d like – colleagues, clients, prospects, etc.” 

Please note that to use FloraFile, you will need to login with your Facebook account. 

In creating FloraFile, a few more updates were made to our Flower Library.

  • As soon as you enter the Flower Library, you will see the latest 12 wholesale flowers that have been added – “Latest Additions” group
  • Within each product view, you can:
    • enter a comment that will show up on Facebook
    • Facebook “Like” that product
    • “Send” that product to friends on Facebook
    • “+1” the product on Google
    • And print
  • If a certain product – flowers, greens, branches, berries, etc – is found online in ShopMayesh’s available inventory to purchase, we display that info with a button to take you to ShopMayesh.


Last but not least, although many people worked on all of these updates, I wanted to send a special shout out to Chris Cunningham for all his hard work on this project and for putting up with me!  Not only did he do the programming, but he brought in many ideas to help make FloraFile and the Flower Library such great resources!  Thank you so much Chris!


Hope you check everything out and let us know what you think!

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