Interview With The Author of “Bella Bouquets”, Alicia Schwede

Did you know that each of our “The Art of Flowers” Design Contest local winners will take home a copy of Alicia Schwede’s book, “Bella Bouquets”?  Yep!  And I thought an interview with Alicia would be great because not only is she an author, but she is the owner/designer of Bella Fiori in Denver, Colorado, avid blogger and just really involved with our industry.  Alicia maintains Bella Fiori’s blog, and is one of three authors for a blog called Flirty Fleurs which is dedicated to floral designers.  If you visit her Bella Fiori website, but sure to check out the news section – she is very busy and her work is published often.  I find this floral artist, business owner, blogger, and author very inspiring and I hope you do too!


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