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Siren Floral Co. Instagram Takeover


If you’re looking for some tips about the biz and want to know more about the awesome lady behind this week’s takeover, look no further. Rachael of Siren Floral Co. is pretty darn cool, in my opinion at least, and I have had so much fun working with her for the past few weeks. Hope you all enjoyed her color-inspired takeover as much as we did! If you didn’t see it, check it out here. Oh, and check out her IG too (@sirenfloralco) – you won’t be disappointed! (above photo by @keithsavage)

So from what I’ve gathered, Siren Floral Co. is the floral part of Lace & Likes, correct? Tell us a little bit about all of that, and how Siren Floral Co. came to be! 

HA! yes, sort of 🙂 L&L was first and is my design//styling//coordination business. SIREN came to be as clients for L&L kept asking me to help them with floral, and I just gave it a whirl. I had NO idea what i was doing, but I went for it and the more I did it, the more practice I got, and the more I loved it. so you could say i’m self-taught. I did more research on flower care and slowly learned types of blooms and foliage, etc. thanks, in truth, to so many growers I was working with including MAYESH 🙂  I fell head over heels in love with the flowers and decided to make it a separate business 🙂

How would you describe your design style? 

OOF that’s a tough one. I’d say boho-romantic-organic-wild-free spirited blooms. a little unexpected.


Siren Floral Co. Instagram Takeover

Photo by @_mikeradford


Siren Floral Co. Instagram Takeover

Photo by @lillywhitephotography


How do you combine florals, fashion, events, and more into one cohesive brand? 

oh man, haha I wish I could tell you. I guess it’s just all a combination of things I love and put my whole heart into, and I’ve somehow managed to create a brand out of all of it. I’m passionate about all of those things and they just make up my life and lucky enough for me, they now make up my work as well. there’s no secret to it, it’s kinda all bits and pieces that make up my heart and soul i guess? I wish I had a better answer for this 🙂


Your Instagram and website are so on point. How have you used social media to help put yourself out there and grow your company?

UM, first off, THANK YOU. so kind of you-seriously get so shy about this/compliments altogether, but i appreciate that so much. this is such a good question, and I feel very relevant to business nowadays.  here are some of the elements i find that matter the most.

1- keep your filters//photo elements consistent. aka, learning how to take decent photos is key. luckily I have SO many amazing photographer friends who are constantly teaching me tricks. if you go deep enough in my insta (I’ve had it since the ancient times) my photos are nothing to boast about 🙂  BUT I think just by watching photographers and looking up general rules of thumb for photography, you can get it down! tips-keep your backdrops simple/clean, mix up busy photos with simple backdrops. so don’t put two busy photos next to each other in your feed. NATURAL/CONSISTENT LIGHT. always. always. if you can make it happen.

2- I also think a general color palette or theme for your insta is important too. and really just knowing your brand//posting what’s relevant to your brand. I have rules for myself//elements that I stick to for both instagrams and that helps really hone things in and create consistency across the board.

3-COLLABORATION. this is so important. I believe in encouragement and working together with people in your industry. partner with people you admire and you can make magic together that benefits both of you! plus, its fun. i find being creative with other creatives only inspires me more and re-ignites my excitement for what I do. it’s my favorite.

4-have fun with it//be genuine. I write all my posts and i try to just be myself//talk how I talk which means made up words and silliness most of the time 🙂

5-post often. it helps you remain relevant//interesting to new followers


What trends do you see happening in wedding flowers right now? 

cradle bouquets, garden roses galore, unexpected elements and foliage is everything I think. I see a lot of people using flowers in such unreal ways and it’s really inspiring. flowers are an artful/special medium, and it’s rad to see them being used as such 🙂


Siren Floral Co. Instagram Takeover

Photo by @renatastone


Siren Floral Co. Instagram Takeover

Photo by @meganeguerrero


Okay, I won’t ask what your favorite flower is, because people seem to hate the “favorites” question! Instead, which varieties are you really excited about this season or upcoming seasons? 

I am SO excited for fall foliage. like allll the maple leaves and colors just make my heart explode. and I’ll still answer the favorite flower question! haha. it’s always changing as I find new varieties but romantik antikes just absolutely slay me. and tree peonies, i’ve literally welled up at the sight of them-not exaggerating.


Siren Floral Co. Instagram Takeover

Photo by @carmensantorelliphoto


Siren Floral Co. Instagram Takeover

Photo by @renatastone


What is the most memorable event you’ve gotten to do flowers for? 

I did flowers for a vow renewal last july and it was with the beauties of @sittinginatree//for the most incredible woman, @missmultee and it was so refreshing creatively-I mean, i filled a giant green trunk from @foundrentals with blooms. so it was like a treasure box of flowers. it was so fun//outta the box (literally). and recently, I did a wedding in april at the parker-it was new color palette for me and my bride was incredible//totally challenged me creatively in the best way.


What is one piece of advice you’d like to go back and tell yourself during your first year of designing? 

honestly, my first thought was, “you need to charge more” HA-the blooms we use are EXPENSIVE, also why they’re so beautiful-they do all the work, really :). but when i thought again, i’d just be more kind//give more grace to myself. like, every step is a lesson and making mistakes is part of the process. we are ALL humans, and we are all struggling and learning and growing. so just let go and be present. (that’s advice i always try to give myself :))


Siren Floral Co. Instagram Takeover


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