Interview with Mayesh Design Star Shawn Michael Foley

Shawn Michael Foley Mayesh Design Star Interview


Last month, you got to know Mayesh Design Star Jerome Raska, and this month, we’d love to introduce you to our second Design Star, Shawn Michael Foley! His first video was posted earlier this week and has been a huge hit – if you haven’t seen it yet, but sure to check it out here!


Tell us a little bit about yourself and who you are, so our followers can get to know one of our 2016 Mayesh Design Stars a little bit better!

I’m a Wisconsin born floral designer, mentor and friend-tor living in Birmingham, AL.  I’m one of the lead wedding designers of HotHouse Design Studio.

My passion for creative expression and curiosity has fueled my drive in the floral industry. I am best known for my “Human Form Project.” An annually themed floral art/fashion series showcasing a fusion of beauty, blooms, and body.

I have been honored to have been published in several European magazines including Flowers World and Blomter.

My heart lies in education and I strive to push the art of flowers to sharp new places.


Shawn Michael Foley Mayesh Design Star Interview

Photo by BC Photography

How did you end up in the flower industry? Was it intentional, or did it just “kind of happen”, as many people in the business claim?

I fell into this industry quite by accident. I simply answered a want ad for a floral designer with absolutely no experience. They told me the hired me solely because of my personality, which is good considering I didn’t have a CLUE as to what I was getting into! After only a few months I started to fall in love with flowers and the industry as a whole and I haven’t looked back since.

How would you describe your design style?  What trends do you see happening in flowers right now?

I would say my style has a European tone to it.  I love to incorporate botanicals that aren’t just blooms and flowers.


Shawn Michael Foley Mayesh Design Star Interview

Photo by The McCartney’s Photography


Currently with Trends, in my market you are definitely seeing a split in styles. If it’s garden and gathered you are seeing a ton of greenery, they love it they want it can’t get enough of it.

OR!  They want super clean, classic, larger blooms like garden roses, peony, dahlias etc and little to NO foliage at all.


Shawn Michael Foley Mayesh Design Star Interview

Photo by The McCartney’s Photography


Favorite flower? 

My favorite flower really changes a lot.  I love so many of them for their different personalities. If I had to choose just one I am a huge sucker for a chocolate/black Dahlia. Sentimentally though, my favorite flower is the chrysanthemum.  I remember picking them for my grandma and grandpa before school when I was young. Their fragrance still reminds me of them to this day.


How do you hope to inspire your audience as one of our 2016 Mayesh Design Stars?

I want to bring Mayesh viewers a sense of fun and show them some fun tricks that are simple to pull off but look complex once finished. We all need to remember that we LOVE flowers and we can’t let the day in and day out aspect of the business let us forget that. Flowers are beautiful, fun and exciting! Let’s dive in together and create amazing floral things!


And as a follow-up, what do you want them to take away from your videos?

That one new trick that helps you land that client.  That one new idea that refreshes your imagination… and that one spark that refuels your passion for flowers!


Lastly, what is one piece of advice you’d like to go back and tell yourself during the first year of designing? 

It’s not a race, enjoy the journey.  Also, weird/funky does not equal good, self-editing is the key to success.


Shawn Michael Foley Mayesh Design Star Interview

Shawn Michael Foley Mayesh Design Star Interview

Shawn Michael Foley Mayesh Design Star Interview

Photos by BC Photography

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