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The Little Branch


As many of you probably know, last week The Little Branch took over our Instagram for a few days! They shared some of their favorite designs and events with our followers and continued to inspire our community with their beautiful work.  We hope you enjoyed their takeover as much as we did, and if you were curious and wanting to find out more about the lovely ladies behind the photos, you’re in luck! We asked Meg a few questions to get a deeper look into The Little Branch. Enjoy!


So tell us a little bit about who The Little Branch is, and how you got started in the flower industry.

The Little Branch was started by Annie and I eight years ago. At that time, a lot of our friends were getting married and realized that they weren’t finding what they were looking for as far as floral design so we decided to do it ourselves. It kind of snowballed from there, one friend to another, then a friend of a friend and before we knew it, we were doing multiple events a month.


The Little Branch

Photo by @brdsofafeather


The Little Branch


Working with friends always sounds amazing, but I can imagine it can get tough at times! How has it been for the two of you?

Actually it has been so easy for us! Eight years in and we are still great friends and are currently working on a new business venture together.


How would you describe The Little Branch’s style?

Our style is very organic and natural. We love working with heavy greenery and lots of texture and we are super sticklers when it comes to colors and hues. Nothing drives us crazy more than colors that just don’t work well together.


The Little Branch

The Little Branch

Photo by @hazelnutphoto


What trends do you see happening in wedding flowers right now?

Ha! It’s so funny, because when the trends first start you think “oh, what a great idea, I can’t wait for this wedding!” Then by the end of the season you are begging to do something different! This year we have seen a lot of neutral color schemes, garlands and a lot of mixed metallics, brass/copper.


The Little Branch

Photo by @love_is_a_big_deal


Okay, I won’t ask what your favorite flowers are, because that’s a really hard question! Instead, which varieties are you really excited about this season or upcoming seasons?

I absolutely LOVE the product that comes from Japan. Their Ranunculus are out of control. I also love to see new varieties of roses.


Let’s talk tools. Favorite florist tool, and favorite social media app for marketing yourself?

My favorite tool would be chicken wire and twist ties. You can work a lot of magic with those. Especially when building arches. As far as social media, we rely on Instagram. I love being able to take photos in the studio or on site and be able to show our followers what we are doing as the day progresses.


I noticed that you offer some workshops! In the DIY culture that we live in today, they must be super popular. What are your workshops all about?

We are only able to offer a few classes a year during the off season Jan-Mar. Each workshop is different, we’ve done ombre, bouquets, hair wreaths, modern, garden organic and wood box arrangements. Each workshop is two hours long and we go over all the different types of florals and greens, discuss proper processing and then on to actual arrangement construction. We switch up working with tape, foam, hand tie etc. so yeah, each class teaches a different technique.


What is your favorite or most memorable event you guys have done flowers for?

I don’t think we have an all time favorite. There are always a few really fun weddings each year. We are lucky enough to get some really cool clients that have some fantastic ideas/themes and we just run with it.


What is one piece of advice you’d like to go back and tell yourselves during your first year of designing?

Work smarter not harder!


The Little Branch

The Little Branch

Photo by @love_is_a_big_deal


The Little Branch

Photo by Diane McGregor

Thanks again to Meg and Annie for letting us take a peek into their world, and be sure to follow them on Instagram, @thelittlebranch! Stay tuned for more fun interviews and takeovers with some fabulous designers!

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