Interview: Jenn Sanchez Floral Design

Jenn Sanchez Floral Design   

The lovely lady behind this week’s Instagram takeoverJenn Sanchez, is here to answer some questions about herself and her floral design journey! Continue reading to find out what inspires Jenn’s unique aesthetic and approach to flower design.

And if you can’t get enough, head over to Jenn’s Instagram to see more of her beautiful work!


So to start out, why don’t you tell us a little bit about yourself, and how you found yourself in the flower business!

I currently live in Ventura, California with my husband who also owns a business so right now ours lives are pretty invested in that. About how I got started…for my 18th birthday my mom filled out the paper work for a resellers permit because she thought I should try my hand at arranging flowers. I honestly didn’t give it much thought. I sporadically did the flowers for friends weddings in the few years following that. I’m not sure if I thought much about design or detail at that point. It wasn’t until I came across the work of such artists as Saipua and Amy Merrick that I realized…”Ooooo, this is also a form of art”. Sounds like a silly realization now, but that’s what got me serious about making it a career!


I saw on your website that you used to do oil paintings, which totally makes sense because before I even knew that, the images on your website and Instagram reminded me of paintings already… so unique and lovely. How do you think your background with oils and the fine arts helps you when you’re designing with flowers?

Toward the latter years of my lessons, I was drawn to still life paintings where you would choose (or bring in) props such as fruit, flowers, tableware, and arrange them however you wanted the subject to look. So I guess you can say I learned styling without knowing it. I remember being obsessed with things appearing effortless. I hated when things looked too staged. I am still very much so that way when I arrange. I always say that I want things to be “perfectly imperfect”.


Jenn Sanchez Floral Design

Photo: @ermling


How would you describe your aesthetic?

I feel like it’s constantly changing. I think even months ago I would have answered this question differently than I would now. I think part of that is because I decided (as a new years resolution) to be ok with my work defining itself which could mean it didn’t fit in one genre, per say. I don’t want to be pegged as “traditional” or “organic” or “modern”. More than key descriptive words I aspire to create work that makes people feel something. Not sure if that suffices for an answer!


Jenn Sanchez Floral Design

Jenn Sanchez Floral Design


I also noticed that your wedding services go beyond the flowers – what made you want to work with the bride on all aspects of her special day?

I think flowers can feel misplaced if all the other design decisions aren’t make in tandem with the florals. I didn’t want my clients to be paying for my services just for there to be a lack of cohesion when it can so easily be done right.


Jenn Sanchez Floral Design

Jenn Sanchez Floral Design

Above photos: @lunademarephoto

Jenn Sanchez Floral Design


Let’s talk tools – favorite florist tool, and favorite computer app you use in your business, be it social media, business organization, or anything else?

Bind wire! I just love it. Not the strongest BUT it hides so well for smaller installations. Favorite app, assuming this excludes the obvious being Instagram, I really like VSCO for editing photos. It’s allowed not just my work but the way I edit photos of my work to add personality to my artistic voice.


Jenn Sanchez Floral Design


You have a workshop coming up! Tell us more about that!

Ya! Really excited to be teaching a couple coming up. More info can be seen here:


Have you always wanted to explore the education side of flowers?

Yes! I have spent many many hours googling and reading and asking lots and lots of questions to more seasoned designers and professionals. It’s made me value what I do that much more and the people who have taught me along the way. I think I always knew I wanted to give that back to people at some point. I am passionate about shared experiences and seeing people get excited about what they are passionate about. Having that be a commonality in floral design just sounds thrilling.


What is one piece of advice you’d like to go back and tell yourself during your first year of designing?

I would tell myself to take it easy. I tend to be a risk taker and dive headfirst into things, often too serious along the way. Part of that has been really good for my business, but I could have used a big dose of patience in all aspects.


Jenn Sanchez Floral Design

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