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Mayesh provides the most beautiful blooms sourced globally from both domestic and international growers. Our extensive Flower Library provides seasonal, monthly and daily flower availability, which makes planning for weddings, special events and occasions convenient. Easily place a quote for your boxes, bunches and stems and you will be contacted within 24 hours by one of our creative and energetic sales professionals!

It is IMPORTANT to use the Flower Library as a guide because availability, color, and appearance may differ due to weather, country of origin, grower, and other factors. Your Mayesh representative is your best resource to answer any product questions that you may have. Click here to get our free Ultimate Flower Guide used for planning product palettes for every day designs.

Total Products: 2879
Product Name Qty Unit Type
Anthurium Clarinervium Variegated Anthurium Clarinervium Variegated
Anthurium  Green Anthurium Green
Anthurium  Pink Anthurium Pink
Anthurium  Red Anthurium Red
Anthurium  White Anthurium White
Anthurium  White Large Anthurium White Large
Aralia Leaves Green Aralia Leaves Green
Aralia Leaves Variegated Aralia Leaves Variegated
Artichoke (Flower) Baby Burgundy Artichoke (Flower) Baby Burgundy
Artichoke (Flower) Baby Green Artichoke (Flower) Baby Green
Artichoke (Flower) Large Burgundy Artichoke (Flower) Large Burgundy
Artichoke (Flower) Large Green Artichoke (Flower) Large Green
Asclepias  Orange Asclepias Orange
Asclepias  Pink Asclepias Pink
Asclepias  Red Asclepias Red
Asclepias  White Asclepias White

Our flowers are subject to seasonal availability, supply & demand, and Mother Nature. We will, however, endeavor to supply the products to the best of our ability and if certain items are not available, then recommend substitutions.

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