Hitomi’s Floral Christmas Class Highlights

Blogger: Sabrina Mesa

I love to travel. That fact that traveling is part of my job is an absolute plus, but covering and attending local classes here in Tucson, AZ is great!

When I heard Hitomi Gilliam, AIFD from Deisgn358 was teaching a Christmas class at Askren’s & Sons (a local floral supply house) I knew I had to RSVP immediately.

“Hitomi is an internationally renowned floral artist who has guest-designed throughout North America, England, Japan, Mexico, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Bermuda, Singapore and Australia. She brings her well-travelled knowledge of latest trends from around the world to offer clients the best floral creativity possible.”

Hitomi is all about designing smart and always keeping in mind merchandising and sales techniques. Her class was using silks but her methods can be easily translated to fresh.

Tip: Single stems can make a great display when grouped.

Florists and customers love this technique. This technique allows for single stems to shine, yet compliment other flowers in a display. As for merchandising it is a great opportunity to show off cool small containers and not just keep them on a shelf in the back room.

This brings us to another important tip.

Tip: Bring those containers from your backroom to the front sales floor.

Most florists keep stockpiles of containers in their backroom. How can customers buy them if they can’t see them? Bring containers out and make mock arrangements. When making mock arrangements use those as opportunities to show off add-ons like butterflies and birds.

Tip: Use plastic or glue between foam to hold water for vertical arrangements.

This was an awesome tip for fresh designers. The glue or plastic barriers allow hydration to stay towards the areas where it needed.

Tip: Sell artisanship not just flowers.

You are the expert, you are the artist, you are a ROCK STAR! Do not sell your labor time cheap. Remember they are coming to you for your expertise, do not sell yourself short.

Tip: Create a trend within your shop.

Do not let your clients tell you what is hip and what is happening. You show them with your displays and your store. Buy containers by collection and set that collection out with product to show possibility. You cannot sell it unless you give a customer a chance to want it.

So many tips to share! I hope you find these tips useful during this holiday season and all year round.

If you ever have a chance to attend one of Hitomi’s sessions whether it be a fresh or silk. GO! You will not be disappointed.

Thank you Hitomi and Askren’s & Sons for such a great program.



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