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It happens every week across the country at all our locations, we get flower orders for events last minute, the Friday before or the Monday of the week, or (gasp) even later than that.  Do we try to cover them?  Of course, we try our best each and every day no matter the circumstance. 

While I realize that orders do pop up last minute time-to-time, I thought it might be helpful for you to see how long it takes us to get in our wholesale flowers from various points of origination.  This example uses product arriving to our Detroit branch (each branch varies a bit).

wholesale flower ordering timeline

So looking at the table above, in addition to the number of days it takes us to get the fresh cut product, then you need to add in time for your location to handle the order, for our purchasing team to care for those orders, and any processing that may need to be done – one can easily see that a few days really puts stress on all involved and doesn’t lend itself well to making up for any quality issues or errors. 

Such a simple task is always much more complicated when examined up close.  So we hope that you can help us help you better by submitting your wholesale flower orders with a 2 week lead time.

Love to hear back from everyone on what you think, how far in advanced do you typically place your orders, etc . . .

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