Help Name our 2012 Awesome Blossom Line-Up

Now that we have a Mayesh Design Star, Mandy Majerik AIFD PFCI, we need to get busy planning our 12 videos for 2012.  Among the many details, we need determine what Awesome Blossoms are going to be featured in our videos.  As a refresher, Mayesh Certified Awesome Blossoms can be fresh cut flowers, greens, branches, succulents, orchids, herbs . . . anything we carry, but they need to contain one of the following charactistics:

  • Unique shape, color, texture
  • Unusual variety
  • Superior grade

Many of our fresh cut product fall under the Awesome Blossom label, so we want your help!  Since the videos are for you, we want to know what products YOU want to see featured?  Leave your comments here!

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