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This evening trucks are bringing flowers, mainly roses, to Quito from the farms that are located to the north and south of the capital of Ecuador. Amongst these are Mayesh’s first major load of roses, which will be palletized and taken to the UPS’s coolers next to the runway ready to load into aircraft tomorrow morning. I have spent today verifying quantities and varieties that farms will deliver, as well as imploring and at times cajoling growers to expedite transport to our cargo agency. This is because all flights are full, and space is at a premium. While Mayesh has a confirmed daily booking throughout the holiday, timely dispatch eliminates any issues such as weight restriction on aircraft due to inclement weather. Unfortunately, because of the low lights levels in Ecuador due to thick cloud cover, two farms have been unable to fill any of our orders, leading to a complete cancellation of these pre-bookings. Notwithstanding our rose buyer, Peter Sessler, has been able to procure excellent replacements for these items from regular suppliers. This is, indeed fortunate, because supply of red roses is very tight at this moment. Quality continues to be excellent, but examination of products from farms continues on a nightly basis and vigilance is essential.

  sexy red roses

Freedom, Forever Young and Sexy Red continue to be the top red roses in demand. Mayesh does offer an outstanding array of other roses and indeed other flowers, and it seems that this year fashion forward floral designers are including many other varieties for their customers’ pleasure.


david austin garden roses
As well as red roses, we are shipping many fragrant garden roses including the “David Austin” line. Please note that Mayesh is the only importer, wholesaler and/or floral supplier representing ALL the growers licensed by David Austin in North and South America, which you may want to note for the wedding season.

Also we feature an outstanding array of the latest and greatest colored roses including Capriccio, Silverstone, and Pink Intuition; as well as classic old school selections such as Vendela, Super Green (shown below) and Sahara. Shades of gold, tangerine, hot pink, and blush are amongst a broad palette of varieties and colors that are available for design and for many women preferable to red.

super green roses

During the evening and into night the coolers will be full of boxes of flowers, amidst a frenzied activity of receiving, inspections, palletizing and loading into trailers destined for the airlines of the clients’ choice. Mayesh buys from quite a few growers so product inspection last for about 5 hours, and I generally leave the coolers sometime after midnight, when the last boxes are loaded into the trailers. Although it appears chaotic, the process has its logic that results in hundreds of thousands of boxes flying from Ecuador at this time to the United States, Canada, Europe and Russia; successfully and efficiently delivered with copious amounts of (mostly virtual) paperwork for customs and agricultural officers at their destination. Hiccups such as the thousands of boxes left stranded here on Wednesday occur from time to time, and this will impact the flower quality, although I expect they will be shipped as if nothing happened. Today most of the boxes have been moved one way or another and all should be shipped out by tomorrow.

As far as I am concerned the relationship Mayesh has established with UPS here in Ecuador, as well as having feet on the ground in Ecuador really pays off for a smooth Valentine’s Day. And this results in a reliable product for the customer, saving time and money.

The long days, much of it spent standing, walking and occasionally running, are all part of the flower business; although this year, I definitely took the plunge and I’m gelling like Magellan!!

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