From Field to Float: The Final Week!

Rose Parade Field to Float


So, who is as shocked as I am that today is NEW YEAR’S DAY?! Say it with me, “2015 just flew by!” Today was also, obviously, the Rose Parade, but this blog is going to take it back a week and cover the final days leading up to the parade, kind of like a prequel (think Star Wars episodes 1, 2, & 3, aka only ones I have ever seen, and the reason I am currently being shunned by all my Star Wars loving friends).

Over the past month, our series “From Field to Float” has been building up to today, showing you the ins-and-outs of the floats and the flowers that make up these floats. We’ve shown you the flowers as short little stems in Colombia, the skeletons of the floats, the journey the flowers made from South America to California, and now I’m going to show you some images from the past week as everyone geared up for the big day!

Though I currently live in Seattle, I am fortunate enough every year to travel home to Los Angeles for the holidays. It has been a tradition of my dad’s to take us, as well as close friends, on a “behind-the-scenes” tour of the float pavilions that we provide flowers to. So this year we took our annual trip to the Phoenix Decorating Company pavilions, not once, but twice!

So let’s go on a virtual tour of the pavilions (note: you will see images from both pavilions, but let’s pretend this is one big virtual tour!) You’ll even get to see some areas that the general public doesn’t have access to… #workperks


The following gallery gives you a “Virtual Tour” of the Rose Float Pavilion, starting with all of our flowers being delivered, processed and stored in the tents, to a view of the entire pavilion, to some updates on Western Asset’s float “Let Your Imagination Run Wild,” where fresh flowers & greens have started going on!



Well there you have it! By now you have seen the final floats all finished up, but I hope you enjoyed your virtual “prequel” tour! Happy New Year’s friends, it’s 2016!

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