From Field to Float: Float Update!

Rose Parade Field to Float


We interrupt this fine, winter day (or in my case up in the PNW, cold & gray day) to bring you some photos of where our float, “Let Your Imagination Run Wild!” currently is! If you haven’t been following along, we’re doing a mini blog series on the whole process of the Rose Parade floats. Check out the previous two blogs here & here(above photo by Terry Barker)

As we speak, the flowers are currently en route from South America to the States, so I thought I’d share some colorful photos to tide you over. Diane Schoelles, a “Detail Decorator” volunteer that specializes in animals, was assigned this float by Phoenix Decorating Company, and has kindly been sending me photos of the process. The first few images show the float being painted to act as a guide for where all the living material will go. Then comes the “Dry Dec” stage, in which dry decor including seeds, grains, and other materials that can last longer than the fresh cut flowers are glued on.



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