Francoise Weeks Workshop: Floral Jewelry

Francoise Weeks Floral Jewelry



Hi again! Back for more, I see? I’m just going to assume that my first blog was so inspiring that you just had to find out more (don’t tell me if that’s not the reason, and you really just love Francoise Weeks… I wouldn’t blame you). Well regardless of how you ended up here, I hope you’re ready for a little recap of the sweet floral jewelry we got to design after a quick break for a tasty pasta dinner and an even tastier glass of wine.

If you read my first Francoise Weeks blog, you might remember me casually mentioning my lack of confidence in the floral purse department. Well, let me tell you, that all changed when floral jewelry was put on the table. Not that my pieces were the ‘best,’ or even close to it, but I loved what I came up with, and in the end, that’s all that really matters, right? At least in this environment, which was really about experimentation and pushing yourself creatively.

Francoise began this segment with another demonstration showing the ‘behind the scenes’ of the jewelry; the materials & mechanics for constructing the base, the variety of items we could create, and some different techniques she has come up with. Another thing I loved about Francoise’s teaching style was her willingness to share the mistakes she’s made, and the trial-and-error nature of this kind of design work. As a novice designer, that sentiment really helped me feel comfortable, and encouraged me to just jump in and experiment. We had a plethora of options to choose from, from cuffs to rings, chokers to earrings, and any other type of jewelry we might dream up. For example, I started making by a chocker, and by the end we had deemed it a “statement choker – headband – belt combo” – because why not?


Francoise Weeks Floral Jewelry

Francoise Weeks Floral Jewelry


Along with that three hit wonder, I also made a cuff with a coordinating succulent ring. For some reason, I was really feeling the deep purples and burgundies that day, so I ended up with a little collection in that palette. Unfortunately they did not make the return trip to Seattle with me (RIP), but they have been forever preserved in these two photos:


Francoise Weeks Floral JewelryFrancoise Weeks Floral Jewelry


It was really fun to see what others did – some people had the same idea as me, and created multiple pieces that worked together, while others went wild and tried totally different things. I hadn’t really considered floral jewelry before, but let me tell you, in the right setting I would TOTALLY rock some of these pieces. Think about it, you walk into a room, your arms or neck or whatever it may be, draped in gorgeous flowers… talk about a statement piece! Whether it’s a simple cuff as a unique alternative to a corsage, or a super outrageous necklace used in a styled photoshoot, floral jewelry is so versatile. It may take some time for people to hop aboard this trend, especially brides, but I guarantee there are some risk takers out there who love standing out from the crowd, and floral jewelry might be just the way.

Check out some of the pieces created below – which stunners would you consider adding to your jewelry collection??



Photo by Wheeland Photography

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