Francoise Weeks Workshop at Mayesh Orange County

Francoise Weeks Workshop

Let your inner fashion maven soar! In our Françoise Weeks Botanical Couture Workshop you will create floral-infused purses, shoes, headpieces and jewelry. Françoise will be your mentor as you discuss and practice constructing the mechanics involved in creating a wide variety of these unique couture designs. A discussion about sourcing a variety of materials will be encompassed in the workshop as well. Here are the details:


When: March 1-2, 2016 from 2-9pm

Where: Mayesh Orange County (3241 Halladay Street, Santa Ana, CA 92705)

Cost: $627.95

Maximum Students: 25

Your work will be professionally photographed and dinner will be provided, which is included in the cost. Please bring your own tools (i.e. clippers, scissors, wire cutters and knives).


Here are more details on the specific botanical couture pieces you will learn to design:


A floral purse can be used as a centerpiece, bridal bouquet, or as adornment for the flower girl. Observe the mechanics that are used to create a structure that imitates the elaborate style of couture. Once your base is created, let your imagination run wild with how to cover it: foliage, petals, gilded leaves, feathers or sisal materials.


Elegant and gorgeous, fairytale slippers are a striking addition to fashion shows, bridal showers and weddings. Floral shoes can be created from wire structures or using an old shoe as a base that can then be worn! Once the foundation is laid, styles can vary widely depending on your choice of flowers and foliage.


Aluminum wire will be manipulated to create the base for botanical rings, bracelets, necklaces and even scarves and for the earrings we will start with a set of inexpensive earrings and decorate them elegantly. These beautiful detailed pieces will make for unique accessories for any event or wedding.


When it comes to floral millinery, a design may be lush and vibrant or simple and elegant. The elements used all add up to a unique floral headpiece design. After fashioning a basic armature that can be bent or shaped, your creativity will be called upon to construct these cascading arrangements. Flowers, striking foliage and bundles of berries compose a picture perfect floral headpiece.

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