Flower Wall Collective Design: Behind the Scenes

Oasis was very generous in providing each of our branches with their new Floral Foam Tiles to create our flower walls.  At the end of this post, get product specs, features and directions as provided by Oasis.  But before we get to the technical information, I wanted to share some pictures and a fun time lapse video that we shot of the Mayesh Orange County Wall being created.  I hope you find this behind the scenes look helpful and inspiring!


Miami Flower Wall:

Portland Flower Wall:


Item No. 11-03251

• 18″ x 24″ x 1 ½” OASIS® Floral Foam Maxlife Deluxe tile adhered
to a plastic backing.
• Tile is already segmented to prevent excessive drainage.
(Patent No. 5.588.253)
• Can be used for living walls, as a sculpting sheet and more.

Tile can be soaked slowly by pouring water containing ower food
onto the tile. Or, oat the entire tile face down in water. Rigid board
may bend, support evenly.

Tile may be adhered with hook and loop tape or with nylon screws and washers.  Installation is recommended after soaking, but prior to designing. Dry the coroplast back before applying the hook and loop tape. Apply the hook tape to the foam tile, then apply the loop tape to the surface on which you are mounting the tile and press the tile in place.

Design orals as desired. Use Floralock™ Plus Stem Adhesive to secure stems, specically for living wall designs.

A fully soaked tile will weigh approximately <15 lbs.  If displaying vertically, it’s recommended to design after the tile is hung in place. OASIS® Floral Foam Tile may continue to drain, protect surfaces beneath the tile when designing.

Watch Oasis’ video here: http://youtu.be/ZvJyaLRIB4E

So what do you think?  Are you going to try using the new Oasis Floral Foam Tiles?

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