Flower Wall Collective Contest Voting

Flower Wall Collective Contest


When our marketing team began discussing the idea of this whole flower wall design collaboration, I don’t think we realized how emotional this was going to get. Really, I know of many that shed tears on Wednesday because we were so overcome with emotion – sad for the pain of others, but honored and filled with gratitude that we can help give back. As you go through the pictures below and read some of the stories, don’t say that I didn’t warn you … have some tissues ready!

We had many vendors generously donate product to make this day possible. So thank you to those of you who donated flowers to all of our locations, and, of course, a big thank you needs to go to Oasis Floral Products for donating their brand new floral foam tiles to the event! Last, but not least we are thankful for all of our amazing customers that helped with the designs of each of the walls. You all rock!

And as a reminder the top 3 branches receive money to donate to their charity of choice – 1st place: $3000; 2nd place: $2000; 3rd place: $1000!

Here are the voting details (scroll all the way down to place your vote):

  • voting will begin Friday, January 16th
  • 1 vote per device
  • Voting will be live until Thursday, January 22nd 8 pm (EST)
  • The winners will be announced on January 23rd

Ok, now it is time to vote for your favorite flower wall!



Charity: local Breast Cancer Association

“We picked the wall to represent breast cancer because we have had four women in the past ten to twelve months be diagnosed with breast cancer. These women have braved there treatment and now three of the four of them are in remission now.

So we as a team felt it was a great way to show our compassion to these women that have put up a great battle. We are honored as a team to work for a wonderful company !! This was an awesome project.”

Flower Wall Collective Contest



Charities: American Cancer Society and Heliotrope for Hospice

”Our Living Floral Wall is a representationon of a Living Memorial Tree, standing strong against a back drop of flowers and foliage, in cool tranquil tones of blue and white with vibrant greens, exuding life. The grape wood tree, with bare roots exposed, is intertwined with curly willow, extending as a canopy toward you, a 3D sculpture coming out of the canvas paved with fresh botanicals. Rosemary, symbolic of Remembrance, bases the foreground as Lavender provides a calming fragrance. Hedges and layers of contrasting textures move throughout the background, receding into horizon meets sky. As a tribute for who we love, or who we’ve lost, we invite you to write a name or a word on a birch leaf, and attach it to an outstretched branch of this tree.”

Flower Wall Collective Contest



Charity: Arizona Humane Society

“So the inspiration just came from our customers that did the wall. We just supplied the color pallet and the girls and Steve (in charge of frame, lighting and final touches) just let their juices flow and here is the finally product. The wall was named “Awaiting Dreams”.”

Flower Wall Collective Contest



Charity: The Arthritis Foundation

“The reason we choose our charity was because it related to Louise, our receptionist, who has mild Arthritis and Dave’s, our branch manager, daughter who has been battling with Arthritis since she was a child.”

Flower Wall Collective Contest



Charity: Peyton’s PalsPeyton’s Pals

“Peyton’s Pals is an organization that is raising awareness and supporting little Payton with a rare blood disorder. We reached out to the Red Cross also as they are helping by collecting blood for this project as well as hundreds more. We were able to get Payton and her Dad to spend some time in the store and were fortunate to get local TV coverage.

Flower Wall Collective Contest


LA Market

Charity: Surfers Healing

“This charity had a few inspirations.

1. An LA Market Mayesh team member has an Autistic cousin that struggles with the social adaptation related to this disorder
2. We are in sunny California
3. Aaron, the branch manager, and a bunch of our customers surf
4. Anything that involves helping kids is so important and meaningful

We got into contact with Surfers Healing to send us some literature to help better explain what their charity was all about. To our surprise they not only sent us a stack of information cards but they also sent us a ton of stickers and a large bag of “surfers healing” pins. We wanted to make sure we were able to donate to the charity whether or not we won so we decided to do an additional donation involving the customers. I’m not sure if you can tell from the pictures but we started out with the center of the surfboard empty. We added a sign at the bottom of our wall that said “pin a dollar or plug a flower help autistic kids learn to surf” the people that “pinned a dollar” got a pin. We were able to fill in the entire surfboard and I am extremely happy to announce that we raised $180 for Surfers Healing today!!!”

Flower Wall Collective Contest


Las Vegas

Charity: JDRF the Las Vegas Chapter in sponsor of Chaz Cleveland

{written by Rick Phetmyxay of our Las Vegas Mayesh team}
“The inspiration behind our flower wall is a son and brother of one of our customers. Hileah and her mom is a mother daughter floral team who runs Sun City Florist out here in Las Vegas. We’ve helped with the charity JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) before when the foundation held events on behalf of Chaz Cleveland, the brother and son of Hileah and Ellery Cleveland. Chaz is a 13 year old kid who was born with Type1 diabetes and has been living with it his whole life. But by the look of him…you would never know he suffers from such disease.

I know from personal experience how difficult it is to live with diabetes; my own wife currently has to deal with Gestational Diabetes Pregnancy and it is hard for me to watch her test her blood 6 times a day and take insulin every night. I can’t imagine what Chaz has to go through with because not only does he need insulin but on top of it all he is allergic to it. Never the less even with this battle Chaz is the true example of a “Fighter” he is never down and always happy. His attitude about it is so uplifting and positive that it makes so proud to support and cheer him on and that is the reason why we choose this Charity.

We wanted to help awesome people bring awareness to Type1 diabetes and bring the community out to raise money for the foundation and it’s on going fight to find a cure. Chaz is an awesome kid and he is our reason, I call him the “Diabetes Fighting Beast!””

Flower Wall Collective Contest



Charity: Habitat for Humanity

”A few of our employees in the building including myself have worked with them on their builds. In this building we all really like the idea of people helping people that have hardship. Some things in life, like a roof over our head, we take for granted and working with Habitat really makes you realize how many people out there do not have these things and how grateful and life changing it is for these families.”

Flower Wall Collective Contest



Charity: Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital Foundation

The theme of Miami’s wall was “Windows of Hope”, wanting to give hope to the local children and their families of South Florida whose children undergo care at Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital.

Flower Wall Collective Contest


Orange County

Charities: Wounded Warriors, Autism Speaks, Casa Teresa

“The story of “The Giving Tree” was inspirational to us to give back in all different ways, so we decided to involve our customers and have a drawing for our their favorite charities and choose three charities for them, we also gave our employees the opportunity to be involved and give back.

The Giving Tree: a inspirational children’s book about a tree who loves a young boy that it gives its all to make him happy, and in turn has a happy life caring for the boy who eventually grows up to be a old man. The tree has given of itself her whole life and is down to a stump, and still offers him a place to rest at the end of the story.”

Flower Wall Collective Contest



Charity: Love 4 Heroes

“We have 2 military bases locally and have quite a few friends, family and customers in the military so we thought it would be fitting to give back to all those who have given so much to us. The charity itself, Love4Heroes, is actually one of our customer’s charities and her husband is in the military in Afghanistan. She wanted a way to send care packages to the soldier and also help with veterans, wounded warriors and their families.”

Oxnard’s wall made the local news as well.  Check it out hereCheck it out here.

Flower Wall Collective Contest



Charity: The Cancer Centers of America

“After one of our sales team, Dave Tagge, was diagnosed with Cancer in late November, it seemed only natural that we would choose The Cancer Centers of America as our charity.We decided to emulate CTCA’s logo. Because we feel cancer has touched everyone in some degree, we wanted to give our customers the ability to honor their loved one and help make our tree “bloom” by creating a tussie mussie. Each bouquet was lovingly inscribed with the names of people whom have lost their battles, or are currently fighting for their lives. It was incredibly beautiful to see so many people overwhelmed at the gesture.”

Flower Wall Collective Contest



Charity: Union Gospel Mission

“Our inspiration for the design we chose was Pacific Northwest, specifically Portland. Our wall is representative of local product, roses-our nickname is the “City of Roses”, evergreen trees, mountains, and sunrises (when we do see the sun). Our buildings were made out of recycled milk cartons and old containers, because Portland leads the country in Reduce, Reuse, and Recycling. We have weekly compost pick up here!

We chose Union Gospel Mission in Portland, because homelessness is huge here, and the UGM feeds the hungry/homeless. A few of our employees have done other charity events with them, plus it’s for a great cause and its local.”

Flower Wall Collective Contest



Charity: St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
“By presenting the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital logo within our new logo we aim to spread the message of prosperity and hope. Keeping this message in mind, it is our pleasure to allow our valued customers the chance to showcase their brilliant talents of floral expression, immersing ourselves into the ideology of unity.”

Flower Wall Collective Contest


San Fernando Valley

Charity: My Brother Rocks the SpectrumMy Brother Rocks the Spectrum

“We, at Mayesh San Fernando Valley, chose the charity “My Brother Rocks the Spectrum” a non-profit that helps families receive funding to participate in social skills/activity groups, classes, camps and more. We chose this charity because multiple children close to our lives live with autism and would love to help a local charity.”

Flower Wall Collective Contest



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