Flower 411: Sunflowers, Peonies & More

Flower 411


I hope you found our first Flower 411 article that was posted a couple of weeks ago helpful.  I have some updates today to share with you on what items are finished, very limited, and going strong.


Items Finished

  • cobra lily saracena
  • snow berry
  • sedum
  • wax – Peru (local will start soon)
  • dahlia ball all colors finished
  • dahlia purple


Items Limited

  • Burgundy artichokes large & small: 1 month away green is available
  • White carnation:  prices still high
  • Cymbidium New Zealand:  green, brown, burgundy are Dutch now
  • Dahlia: very limited numbers and colors,  growers selling out early, same day orders are very difficult to fill. Pre-order for this item
  • Gerbera White
  • Gerbera assorted: Mexico limited, no solid colors, local growers limited on holiday colors
  • Ranunculus:  look at Holland offers
  • STOCK: LIMITED lavender, peach and white


Items on Strong

  • Peony
  • Sunflowers

And speaking of sunflowers, check out our handy sunflower guide, here.

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