Flower 411: Peonies in Full Production, Mock Orange Amazing but Limited

Flower 411


Thanks to our amazing Purchasing Department, we have a pretty extensive update on all your favorite flowers! Continue reading for the latest in the world of cut flowers:


Product Updates


Acacia foliage feather – available

Agonis Green – finished

Agonis Brown – off crop for 2 months

Amaranthus Bronze – not available

Amaryllis is just about finished. We are down to just Red Lion and Christmas Gift.

Anemones – local numbers dropping

Artichokes –  green available, red is limited

Artichokes Baby – green available, red is limited

Banksia – orange limited

Boronia heather – finished

Berzillea – all white and limited-no green

Bouvardia- local extremely limited- available dutch $$$

Bupleurum- good supply

Callas super white– production is low

California calla production is flushing as we move into what they call “June Bloom” so there is ample production on certain colors and varieties  – white, yellow, pinks, flame, black, some oranges are in good supply

Peach, purple, and red are more limited – You can expect ample supply in callas next several weeks

Calla-Oregon Flowers has tremendous calla program and they are in full production now, as well.

Calcynia-not available

Carnations – short supply, varieties and quantities are very limited

Clematis domestic – white limited

Cosmos chocolate-numbers increasing,but still limited

Craspedia  good numbers locally

Dahlias- Dahlia season starts in June. At this time EXTREMELY limited amounts of Café au Lait, NO other Dinnerplates of any kind until JUNE.

All colors are limited and subject to unpredictable cuts.

No production on BALL SHAPE/Pom Pom type until JUNE

Delph Hybid- finally on locally

Eremerus just starting- pink first avail

Eucalyptus gunni/parvafolia – small leaf eucs are still hit and miss, mostly gunni now

Eucalyptus feather/willow tender tips, limited

Eucalyptus seeded – cup seeded

Forsythia – finished

Freesia- dutch import

Freesia Super- not available

French tulips – white, hot pink, yellow, orange, possibly apricot (not menton) from sun valley.

Gardenia –  are good supply

Giant allium – should be starting in a couple of weeks

Heather all types – finished

Honeysuckle  good supply

Japan — finished

Jasmine – limited, no flowers

Larkspur – good supply

Leucospermum  orange, yellow, flame giant  available

Lilac— done locally, hopefully we will get some from American grown source soon

Lily of the Valley- US grown White avail, pink is finished

Lisianthus- local finally in good supply

Mock orange– super limited this year. Grower has much lower numbers than originally expected.

Nine Bark-  Green Starting but only available fed ex, brown also available

Oregon product is very much off their normal schedules due to erratic weather. Things are early, finished early etc.

For example we are running eremerus on weekly specials..almost a full month ahead of normal harvest schedule. Giant allium is right behind it, again a full month earlier than expected. Peonies are in full production..these heat waves may shorten the season for many varieties. Cuts are coming in from the fields in waves with the heat.

Mary Milton viburnum is done, snowball in this region is done,  lacecap nearlydone..we will have a new version called ‘Blue Muffin’.

We’ll see some limited amounts of lupine, and baptisia this next week. Hostafoliage, Lady’s Mantle and Tritoma all available next week.

Blooming Dogwood should probably be finished after this week.

Mock Orange is amazing right now! May not be here long…

Cut Blueberries are a new product for us. Production is still very limited ..new crops are scheduled to start next year,  with even better production the year following..they take time to establish. Sorry but we cannot meet all demands for these..not yet anyways!

Summer annuals are starting now..so the menu from oregon will grow quickly in next 2 weeks

Passion vine – available

Peony– Great peony available– Awesome blossom huge ones and regular grade. Peony season from Oregon will most likely end early this year as it started early (my guess is mid-june).  Most tree peony are done exept yellow as are pastelegance.

Phlox-import only

Piers Japonica- import

Protea-Blushing Bride-  not yet

Protea- King Pink- available

Protea-King White – import now, limited local

Protea pincushion- mostly orange, yellow starting

Protea- Pink Ice – limited

Protea- Whites limited

Ranunculus— local ending, still a few from Holland, Chile around the corner.

Raspberries – not available

Riceflower – finished

Scabiosa Black/Burg  limited black and burgundy

Scabiosa White – limited local production

Scabiosa Pods- limited local production, also seeing some from Holland


Smilax- Southern – one supplier until July

Snapdragon peach- not available

Snowberry- finished

Stephanotis – plentiful

Stephanotis vines – available for Mondays with advance order

Stock- limited for a few weeks

Sunflower- green center  Available

Sunflower Ring of fire-limited

Sunflower Choco- Not available

Sunflower mini- limited numbers locally but starting

Sweet pea- some local production, also available from Holland

Tweedia- local blue is available, but local white is limited

Veronica – cutting local ….blue, pink & white.  NO lavender locally

Viburnum– done locally, hopefully we will get some from Wisconsin soon

Viburnum Berry – New Zealand for the purple berries but very  limited

Wax flower – still avail, but production going down, no hybrid whites

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