Flower 411: Finished, Limited & Dutch Cymbidiums

wholesale dahlias


Good Monday to you!  Read on for updates on the world of cut flowers.  Find out what is totally finished, what is limited, and where cymbidiums are coming from!  Also, don’t forget that we post a weekly availability list on our homepage – check it out often to stay up-to-date with what is available!


  • bittersweet (this is the last week)
  • blushing bride
  • cotinus
  • explosion grass
  • pomegranate branches (we can get produce in cases)
  • sedum
  • waratah – is still finished



  • artichoke burgundy – still not quite ready
  • belladonna – very limited
  • coxcomb
  • dahlias – limited colors and heads are smaller
  • larkspur – purple very limited, other colors limited
  • green millet – very limited
  • scabiosa white – not getting all we want, when we want it
  • shocking lily – very limited
  • sunflowers – warm weather brought crops early- very limited especially novelty colors
  • stock – situation is still the same; very limited especially cream, burgundy, and peach
  • wax – local white starting, purple soon


additional updates

  • cymbidium and mini cymbidium – all dutch now

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