Flower 411: Dahlias in Full Force

Flower 411 August




Finished / Not Available

Allium – import finished, local drumstick only available

Artichoke Blooming

Bells – Dyed red – nobody is dying them right now

Buddlea – returning in October

Chamomile Cushion – chamomile yellow daisy

Cotinus Blooming

Delphinium Belladonna Light Pink

Delphinium Belladonna White

Festival Bush

Fruiting branches – blueberry

Heather – white or pink

Kiss me Over the Garden Gate

Kumquats restricted movement by the Department of Agriculture

Lace Flower


Matsumoto- Peach

Peony – finished

Pineapple – all sizes


Poppy pods

Poppy Matilda

Poppy oriental

Poppy Icelandic – no poppy of any type available


Shasta Daisy


Super Bear Grass – grower discontinued this item

Viburnum berry- blue, black


Just Starting


Pieris Japonica

Rose Hips – red/orange

Sedum Pink

Snowberry – Local

Ornamental Peppers

Pumpkins on a stick



Plentiful/ Flushing


Assorted wild grasses

Green Mist

Millet hanging green and upright black or green

Pincushion Protea

Queen Anne’s Lace – White or Chocolate

Safflower – orange

Safari Sunset

Snow on the Mountain

Sunflower black center






Banksia – orange only

Chamomile / Matricaria / Feverfew – yellow button

Cosmos – pinks and whites – extremely limited / almost finished

Cottage Yarrow- white, peach, cream – go import

Delphinium hybrid White

Delphinium Belladonna light blue – extremely limited

Dianthus green ball or trick


Eucalyptus Gunni

Eucalyptus Small leaf

French Tulip – finished in Holland / only one local vendor – limited amounts and colors

Freesia Super – local

Fruiting branches – blackberry / raspberry

Foxglove – all colors very limited


Gomphrena White

Honey Suckle

Jasmine vine with Flower

Lilac – White color only, bunches grade only – import only


Papyrus Lions Head – advance notice required

Pampas Grass – large orders – advance notice required

Pieris Flower

Protea King white (SUPER Limited)

Protea white – finished locally, import only

Oregano Kents Beauty

Scabiosa white annual

Smilax – limited

Strawflower – white, light pink and peach – all three are very limited

Sweet Pea – Dutch only – limited color selection

Tulips – only single bloom tulips available locally for the next two weeks

-Our local vendor is gapping on frilled, double and parrots for 2 weeks

Yarrow cottage- import and local





Ageratum Blue

Alchemilla Mollis – import

Allium – local drumstick only

Anemone- import

Artichokes – baby red limited

Asclepias – local and import

Atriplex – red and green

Berzillia – green and red available

Birds – import only

Bouvardia- very limited locally (not light pink)- go import (has all colors)



Campanula- import only

Celosia Feather – import and local

Clematis – local  (white limited) and Dutch (don’t grow white)


Cosmos Chocolate

Cotinus foliage – purple only

Coxcomb – Import and local

Craspedia – local

Crocosmia Flower – import

Crocosmia Pods – import

Delphinium – Bella dark blue

Eucalyptus – small leaf moon lagoon

Hybrid delph- dark blue, purple, light blue, lavender, mauve- local short 24-30” Tall (white limited)- Tall only available import

Dahlias ~  Most Decorative Shape Dahlia colors are available

  • Ball shapes, good selection of colors. Availability is ok
  • Ball shapes – need advance notice for large orders
  • Café available
  • Dinner Plate- White, Lavender, Orange, Burgundy available only

Oregon dahlias – Swan Island will start the last week of September

Echinacea pods

Eremurus – import only

Eucomis – local

Freesia-local finished, import only

Hops – 2 weeks left

Hydrangea – Nice solid Colors – Import & Local starting to go antique

Iris regular – no light blue

Jasmine vine – no flower

Lisianthus – Dark Brown/ Black/ Peach – now local

Lily of the valley- import only Lysmachia- import

Magnolia – local California

Millet – green and black upright, green hanging

Ninebark – foliage only

Passion vine


Pomegranates – Large only

Protea – local assorted pinks limited

Protea Pink Ice

Protea – Protea Blushing Bride- import

Pincushion Protea (Leucospermum)orange and yellow – import

Ranunculus- import

Rose Hips -Green, red


Scabiosa Pods- Local

Southern Smilax



Sunflower – black center, green center, tinted red, bi-color

Thryptomene/ Calycina- Import

Trachelium local and Import

Tweedia local

Veronica – Local and Import

Waxflower – local finished- go import

Yarrow tansy button

Yarrow yellow – local

Zinnia – white, peach, bi colors limited

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