Flower 411: Clematis Available, While Ranunculus Finishing

Flower 411


Who’s ready for an update on all your favorite flowers? Our purchasing department has your back – check out the latest below!




Acacia flower- finished

Acacia foliage- available

Bearded iris- just starting

Birds-local- finishing

Boronia-  bearded  buyer beware- last week

Cherry Blossom- finished

Clematis Local- available

Dahlias- still limited

Dogwood- all done may get some late varieties on dogwood but no pink

Eriostimen- Finishing/ quality issues

Euc- silver dollar- limited

Euc- seeded-Limited

Euc-small leaf varieties-extremely limited

Grevillea flower- peach and cream only

Heather pink- finished

Honey suckle-in bloom, good production

Hybrid Delph -White- Very Limited

Hybrid Delph- Light Blue- Limited

Iris light blue-extremely limited

Ivy Tree Varg- Limited

Japanese Product-  last shipment this weekend

Jasmine-vine only no flowers- limited

Leucadendron silver cone- limited

Lilac- finished

Lisianthus- Local white extremely limited

Lisianthus white-import available

Local LLV -done- too hot

Passion vine- 3 colors- coral, lavender, white

Peony import -finishing

Peony local- on- Purchasing will advise on varieties available

Poppy Pods-limited

Protea pincushion- strong through mothers day

Protea- pink ice- finishing

Protea white- finished

Protea king pink- available

Protea king white- not available

Ranunculus-  finishing everywhere( Holland, Italy, local)

Rice flower Pink finished for the season

Rice flower white  finishing up this week


Southern Smilax- need 7 day notice on all orders

 bringing back on Las Vegas truck

Spirea-  last shipment this weekend

Stephanotis on the vine- coming back

Steph and Gardenias- good supply

Sunflower Chocolate- finished

Tulip magnolia- done

Viburnum Berries Blue- finished

Viburnum popcorn- done

Waxflower for mothers day

white will be mini white

purple wax will be mixed varieties

pink wax will be mixed varieties

Yarrow- cottage- red and yellow available

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