Flower 411: Clematis, Anemones, Peonies & More!

Flower 411


I’m back with a great update from our awesome purchasing department! Here’s the latest on what’s going on in the world of cut flowers:


Product Updates 


Acacia Bagged- finished
Acacia flower non bagged- finished
Agonis Green still limited
Agonis Brown available
Anemones going strong
Artichokes – burgundy and green available
Artichokes Baby – burgundy is back
Aster Matsumoto – peach, yellow, white very hard to get
Banksia-none locally- import quality questionable
Boronia heather: pink and yellow available
Bouvardia- limited locally- available import
Berzillea green- limited- last week
Bleeding Heart-import
Brunia silver- off crop
Bupleurum- good supply
Camelia- off crop- new growth
Celosia- Import only
Cherry Blossom-available
Clematis domestic just starting
Cosmos chocolate-limited
Craspedia good numbers locally
Dahlias- limited
Daffodils- import only
Delph bella light and dark blue- available
Delph White- almost impossible to get
Delph Hybrid- coming on locally heavy dark blue and purple, white as always is limited
Dogwood Blooming-green pod available
Dubium- local available white, yellow, orange, peach
Eucalyptus gunni/parvafolia small leaf eucs are still hit and miss mostly gunni now
Eucalyptus feather/willow off for 2 weeks
Eucalyptus seeded still limited
French Tulips- available locally
Gardenia garb and garw are good supply
Genestra- finished
Grevillea Flowering- Available
Heather finished
Heather French finished
Honeysuckle not yet
Hyacinth- local and import available
Hydrangea – colors import
Japanese Product- almost finished- don’t count on it
Jasmine- good numbers
Lilac Local- available
Lisianthus- limited locally but short and pricey, we are still import
Magnolia blooming –finished
Nerine- Import
Passion vine – hit and miss still early for most or it. Coral only
Piers Japonica-flowering finished local, green and red buds available dutch
Peony- local and import available
Poppy Hybrid- finished import –keep getting held. Local limited
Poppy Pods- Limited
Protea-Blushing Bride- finished for now
Protea white- extremely limited
Protea- King Pink- available
Protea-King White very hard to find
Protea pincushion- mostly orange, yellow starting
Protea- Whites extremely limited
Queen Anne’s lace –extremely limited, pricey if available
Queen Anne’s Lace- Chocolate-available
Quince Blossom- Finished
Ranunculus- local production is slowing
Raspberries – not available
Rice flower light pink in season now, white limited
Scabiosa Black/Burg- local limited, available import
Scabiosa caucascia white and lavender limited locally
Scabiosa ball- red, pink, purple, white-available import
Scabiosa Pods- import only
Silver Tree-finished
Smilax-Bag- kohara is limited
Smilax- Southern – LIMITED main supplier off crop until July
Snapdragon peach- not available
Snowberry- white available only
Sunflower- green center starting locally
Sunflower Ring of fire and chocolate-limited local
Sunflower mini- limited numbers locally but starting
Sweet pea-limited locally, Japanese finished, dutch import available
Trachelium- colors and green import
Tweedia- local limited
Veronica –local limited- available import
Viburnum Berry- not available
Viburnum -available
Violets-available import

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